It's unusual to find a temple dedicated to the sun god. But Domlur today boasts of the only Surya Temple though of recent origin (13 years) in Bangalore if not in Karnataka built by one Sri Krishna Reddy of Domlur. The idol was brought from Badrinath and is 3 1/4 th feet in height and the Prabhavalli has the other navagrahas depicted. Below the deity are the images of Kashyapa and Aditi. In this temple all gods that one is seeking greet as the devotee enters the courtyard, the simple reasoning being that everyone who enters this temple should not go away disappointed not seeing the god he worships. Hence we find Vaishnavi, Brahma, Nagaraja, Ugranarasimha, Saraswathi, Panchamukhi Ganesha, besides Surya and reclining Adiseshasayi, benignly showering their benevolence to the mortals below. Thematic representation of Shanimahatme, Ramapattabhishekha, and Anjaneya Viswaroopa are also to be seen. There is an udhbhava huttha in the precincts, that was formed after the platform or floor was built. The 32 feet ratha is brought out only on the Rathasapthami day when the pious pull the chariot with an abandoned fervour of piety and happiness of being near God.

The temple is doing yeomen service benefiting the people in and around the area. 30-40 children are learning Bharatanatyam, since 6 years in its premises.